This policy explains the principles of Yü-Ce Medical Supplies regarding the processing of personal data, which should be known by natural persons whose personal data we process, such as suppliers, customers, physical visitors and website (http://yucetibbi.com) users. As the data controller, Yü-Ce Medical Appliances adopts the principles stipulated by the KVK Law in order to comply with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVK Law”). fulfills its obligations regarding informing the person and ensuring data security. 


1. Scope and Purpose of Personal Data Protection Policy

This Personal Data Protection Policy, of Yu-Ce Medical Supplies;

· Methods of collecting personal data and legal reasons,

· Which groups of people are processing their personal data (Data Owner Categorization),

· Which category of personal data is processed in relation to these groups of people (Data Categories) and sample data types,

In which business processes and for what purposes this personal data is used,

Technical and administrative measures taken to ensure the security of personal data,

To whom and for what purpose personal data can be transferred,

· Retention periods of personal data,

· It explains the rights of the Relevant Persons on their personal data and how they can use these rights. 

  1. Personal Data Collection Methods and Legal Reasons


Yü-Ce Medical Supplies personal data can be collected in audio, electronic or written form, in accordance with the personal data processing conditions specified in the KVK Law, through the website, the relevant company, the person concerned, the notifications from the administrative and judicial authorities and other communication channels. It collects and processes in accordance with the legal reasons specified in the Protection of the Policy.


  1. Data Subject Group and Data Categorization


Yu-Ce Medical Supplies categorizes the data subject groups, whose personal data are processed in the personal data processing processes and activities related to these processes, as follows. However, in accordance with the personal data processing conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the KVK Law, and in line with the legal reasons specified in this Personal Data Protection Policy, the personal data of other individual groups (consultants, educators) can be processed.

1.      Customer/Potential Customer

· Identity Information: Name, surname, TR Identity number

· Contact Information: Mobile phone, e-mail address, landline phone

· Financial Information: Account Information, Tax Office, Tax Identification Number, Tax plate,

Legal Action and Compliance Information: Start and end time of the service provided, type of service used, data transferred

· Visual Information: Camera Recording (CCTV)

2.      Online Visitor

· Identity information: Name, Surname

· Contact Information: phone number, e-mail address

· Legal Transaction Information/Risk Management Information: IP address

3.      Physical Visitor

· Identity Information: Name, surname, TR ID number

· Transaction Information: Visit date and time

· Visual Information: Camera Recording (CCTV)

4.      Supplier or Supplier Employee or Official

· Identity Information: TR Identity Number, Name Surname

· Contact Information: e-mail address, telephone, KEP address, address, mobile phone

· Financial Information: Account No, Tax Office, Tax Identification Number, tax plate, IBAN

· Legal Transaction and Compliance Information: Signature circular, activity certificate, power of attorney

· Special Qualified Personal Data/Legal Transaction Information: Signature, Criminal record

· Visual Information: Photograph

· Visual Information: Camera Recording (CCTV)

5.      Consultant

· Identity Information: Name, surname, TR ID number

· Contact Information: mobile phone, e-mail address, landline phone

· Financial Information: IBAN number

· Special Qualified Personal Data/Legal Transaction Information: Signature, Signature circular

Professional Experience and Experience: Educational Status, Certificate


c. In Which Business Processes and For What Purposes Personal Data Are Used

Personal data, by Yu-Ce Medical Supplies:

Processing of online visitor data in accordance with the relevant legislation,

Ensuring physical space security,

· Improving process management,

· Resolving internal customer problems and complaints,

Ensuring internal customer communication and providing support in line with the service provided

· Making statistical evaluations,

· Follow-up of accounting and purchasing transactions,

· Execution of supply chain management processes,

· Execution of contract processes,

Carrying out activities for customer satisfaction,

· Driving customer relationship management processes,

· Execution of goods / services production and operation processes,

· Execution of goods / services sales processes,

· Execution of goods / services after-sales support services,

· Execution of goods / services procurement processes,

· Legal processes and compliance with legislation,

Responding to information requests from administrative and judicial authorities,

· Planning in-house reporting and business development activities,

Making the necessary arrangements in order to ensure that the processed data is up-to-date and correct,

and are used to carry out activities related to these processes. 

d. Technical and Administrative Measures Taken to Ensure the Security of Personal Data

Yu-Ce Medical Supplies undertakes to take all necessary technical and administrative measures and to show due diligence to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of your personal data.

Yu-Ce Medical Supplies takes the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, unlawful processing, disclosure, alteration or destruction of personal data.

Regarding the prevention of unlawful access to personal data, the prevention of unlawful processing of this data and the protection of personal data:

· Personal data security policies and procedures have been determined.

· Necessary security measures are taken regarding entry and exit to physical environments containing personal data.

· The security of physical environments containing personal data against external risks (fire, flood, etc.) is ensured.

· The security of environments containing personal data is ensured.

Network security and application security are provided.

· Security measures are taken within the scope of procurement, development and maintenance of information technology systems.

It ensures that personal data in paper media is kept in locked cabinets and only accessed by authorized persons.

Although Yü-Ce Medical Supplies has taken the necessary information security measures, in the event that personal data is damaged or in the hands of unauthorized third parties as a result of attacks on the platforms operated by Yu-Ce Medical Supplies or the Yü-Ce Medical Supplies system, Yü-Ce Medical Supplies does this. immediately notifies you and the Personal Data Protection Board of the situation and takes the necessary measures.

e. To Whom Personal Data Can Be Transferred And For What Purpose

Yü-Ce Medical Supplies transfers personal data to third parties only for the purposes specified in this Personal Data Protection Policy and in accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the KVK Law.

Yu-Ce Medical Supplies stores personal data regarding online and physical visitors as per the legislation and can share them with relevant public institutions and organizations upon request. Personal data regarding suppliers can be shared with relevant partners and also with relevant public institutions regarding the goods, products or services provided.


Yu-Ce Medical Supplies shares data within the company within the scope of reporting and statistical studies in accordance with KVKK.

In addition to the technical measures to ensure their security, the personal data subject to domestic and international transfer we mentioned above; Considering that the other party of the legal relationship is a data controller or a data processor, it is also legally protected thanks to the provisions in line with the KVK Law included in our contracts.

f. Personal Data Retention Periods

Yü-Ce Medical Supplies preserves the personal data it processes in accordance with the KVK Law for the periods stipulated in the relevant legislation or required for the purpose of processing.


All records related to accounting and financial transactions

10 years

Law No. 6102, Law No. 213

Traffic information about online visitors

2 years

Law No. 5651

Customer data

10 years after the legal relationship ends;  3 years in accordance with the law 6563 and related secondary legislation

Law No. 6563, Law No. 6102, Law No. 6098, Law No. 213, Law No. 6502

Personal data of Supplier/Consultant/Trainers

10 years after the legal relationship ends

Law No. 6102, Law No. 6098 and Law No. 213



g. What are the Rights of the Related Persons on their Personal Data and How They Can Use These Rights


The rights of the Relevant Person on the personal data processed by Yü-Ce Medical Supplies pursuant to article 11 of the KVK Law are listed below:

·        ·  Learning whether personal data is processed or not,

·        ·  To demand information regarding this personal data is processed,

·        ·  Personal data processing objectives and the learning that is used appropriately to their purpose,

·        ·  At home or know of personal data transferred to third parties as abroad,

·        ·  Personal data is missing or incorrectly processed appeared not want them to be corrected,

·        ·  REIT Act under the conditions foreseen in Article 7 of requesting deletion or destruction of personal data,

·        ·  (D) and (e) the actions taken pursuant to, personal data transmitted to a third party does not want to be notified,

·        ·  Processed data of the person by analyzing exclusively by means of automatic systems to appeal to the emergence of a result against him,

·        ·  In the case of incurring losses due to the unlawful processing of personal data to request the removal of the damage.

To exercise these rights, you can always contact us using the "Application Form" on our website and the methods specified in this form.

. You can make changes and/or updates regarding the personal data you have  shared  by contacting kisiselveriresim@yucetibbi.com .


2. Terms of Deletion, Destruction and Anonymization of Personal Data


Your personal data processed for the purposes specified in this Personal Data Protection Policy; Law No. 6698 art. When the purpose that requires processing according to 7/f.1 disappears and art. 17 and Turkish Penal Code art. According to 138, it will be deleted or anonymized and continued to be used by us when the periods determined by the Laws expire.

When the storage periods stipulated in the relevant legislation or required by the processing purpose of Yu-Ce Medical Supplies expire, within the 6-month period foreseen for periodic destruction; It anonymizes the personal data it processes by using one or more techniques that are most appropriate for its business processes and activities, among the anonymization methods specified in the Guide on the Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Personal Data published by the Personal Data Protection Board, and continues to use the data in this way.


3. Changes to the Personal Data Protection Policy


Yu-Ce Medical Supplies can always make changes to this Personal Data Protection Policy. These changes take effect immediately upon the publication of the new Personal Data Protection Policy, which has been amended.