Surgical Sutures

The suture, which is used to ensure the integrity of the tissue that is damaged during surgical operations and to control the bleeding that occurs, continues to be an indispensable element of medical surgical interventions for more than 4000 years.

It is produced from 100% hydrophilic cotton for daily make-up removal, suitable for sensitive skin.

Suture Materials are materials of different nature that are used for surgical procedure or any wound or deteriorated tissue integrity, to support wound healing and prevent infection, to regain natural functions and to control bleeding, to provide temporary or permanent wound support or for fixation of implants. It is intervened by squeezing the area to be treated with stitches, tying the end of the blood vessels or bringing them closer. The suturing process ensures that the tissue is brought together and kept like that until healing occurs.

When choosing the suture used, first of all, the needle and thread properties should be known. To which tissue the suture will be used, the characteristics of the tissue and the healing process are evaluated. The suture and tissue compatibility should be evaluated, such as the tension strength of the surgical suture, ease of passage through the tissue and ease of use, knot security, the suture dragging the tissue, short and long-term reactions in the tissue, suture handling, and thread memory. Surgical sutures should be easy to hold and manipulate, used in any procedure, disappear after tissue healing, have high breaking strength, have high knot security, be sterile, and have no capillarity.

While determining the places of use according to the characteristics of the surgical suture; strength, absorption rate, loss of tensile strength, elasticity, plasticity, peelability, coefficient of friction, shape of the yarn, biodegradation properties, physical structure, capillary state, loss of tensile strength, total absorption time should be taken into account.

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