Sterilization Roll

Designed as a packaging solution in sterilization applications, Yüce Steripack sterilization rolls provide safe barrier systems for the sterile protection and use of medical equipment. The sterilization roll provides protection against contamination of medical devices with bacteria and chemicals during the period from the time of sterilization to the use of sterile medical devices. Its structure should be resistant to tearing and leakage. It provides the use of sterile and hygienic materials from surgical instruments such as holders, forceps, scissors, scalpel handles to disposable consumables. Sterile storage times of sterilization rolls vary for each product. Products are regularly validated for conscious consumption, reliability and accurate results, and validation results are shared with the consumer.

Manufactured from laminated film (PET/PP), it complies with ISO 11140-1 and EN 868-5 standards. It has a Steam and Ethylene Oxide indicator on it, allowing a successful sterilization process to be distinguished by a clear and precise color change. It facilitates the selection of suitable packaging for your medical supplies with its flat - gusseted and different usage options.

  • 3-stage edge welded, superior barrier, 5-40 cm wide, 60-70 gr. Yüce Steripack rolls, made of medical kraft paper, providing fiber-free opening without tearing, with clear and precise steam-EO indicator color change, are produced in Class II regions.

  • With its transparent, multi-layered, co-polymer film structure, the product can be easily seen inside the package.

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