Canister and Aspiration Bag

In aspiration devices, they are the bags in which the fluid used to take the unwanted or excess fluid or tissue accumulated in the body is collected. Helps maintain hospital hygiene. It provides an advantage in terms of controlled medical waste disposal. Since it is a closed system, it prevents the spread of odor. It is disposable, the lid is sealed after the bag is filled and the medical fluid is disposed of as madical waste. Suction bags are placed inside canister jars. These are containers with a capacity of 1000 ml, 1200 ml, 1500 ml, 2000 ml and 3000 ml. It offers ease of installation with its own wall apparatus and also offers mobile usage preferences. There is a scaling ruler on the canister jars, where the liquid quantities can be seen. It has the feature of being sterile and resistant to impacts.