Synthetic absorbable suture with its coated, braided structure. Provides highest strenght for short-term tissue support.

Polymer StructurePolyglycolic asid (PGA)
Flament StructureBraided
Coating MaterialPolyglycolide - co - L - lactide) & calcium stearate (Glycomer 370),polycaprolactone & calcium stearate coated type is available as well
USP Range6/0 - 2
Tissue Support DurationShort Term – 14 days
Tensile Strenght50% 5th day, 0% 14th day
Absorption Profile40 - 45 days
Sterilization MethodEO / Gamma
SpecificationsQuick absorption, high knot security, ease of use
Areas of UseSmall surgical interventions, pediatric surgery, episiotomy, oral surgery,scalping wounds, skin closure, emergency surgery

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