Most functional and operable absorbable suture with its coated, braided structure. Provides highest strenght for medium-term tissue support.

Polymer StructurePolyglycolic asid
Flament StructureBraided
Coating MaterialPolyglycolide - co - L - lactide & calcium stearate (Glycomer 370) polycaprolactone & calcium stearate coated type is available as wel
ColourViolet / Undyed
USP Range8/0 - 2
Tissue Support DurationMedium Term – 30 days
Tensile Strenght70% 2nd week, 50% 3rd week
Absorption Profile60- 90 days
Sterilization MethodEO
SpecificationsHigh strenght, high knot security, ease of use
Areas of UseGeneral soft tissue approximation, ligation, fascia, peritoneaum, laparoscopy incision (cut) closures, ophthalmic surgery, hernia,cholecystectomy, orthopedic surgery, skin closure, gastrointestinal surgery, urology, plastic surgery

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