Coated, braided synthetic absorbable suture with proven-performance for medium-term tissue support.

Polymer StructurePolyglycolide (90%)- co - lactide (10%)
Flament StructureBraided
Coating MaterialPolyglycolide - co - L - lactide & calcium stearate
ColourViolet / Undyed
USP Range8/0 - 2
Tissue Support DurationMedium Term – 30 days strenght
Tensile Strenght75% 2nd week, 50% 3rd week
Absorption Profile56-70 days
Sterilization MethodEO
SpecificationsHigh tensile strenght, high knot security, ease of use
Areas of UseGeneral soft tissue approximation, subcutaneous / intracutaneous,ligation, fascia, peritoneaum, ophthalmic surgery, hernia, cholecystectomy,orthopedic surgery, skin closure, gastrointestinal surgery, urology,plastic surgery

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